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soba restaurant yabuhan
the front approach of Japanease Noodles Restaurant YABUHAN

Name     :Otaru Sobaya YABUHAN
Establishment :December 20,1 954
founder    :Akira and Toyoko Ogawara
proprietor   :Tadashi Ogawara
landlady   :Hitomi Ogawara
corporation  :Yabuhan Co. Ltd

address:Shizuya St, 2-19-14 Inaho, Otaru City, Hokkaido

access:6 minutes walk from the JR Otaru station to our restaurant.

business hours:11:00-20:30(Last Order 20:30pm)
break tim:16:00-17:00

regular holiday:Tuesdays.
* the New Year, January 1-3 is Yabuhan's New Year holidays
* the store is closed a few days in November(Travel for study and training )

parking:available 7 cars
credit card:Not available,Cash only.

■ first floor:74 seats

1F_Hall & Koagari

1F Hall

1F Stone depou Area

1F storehouse & Irori seki (Seats around sunken hearth)

IF Stone Drpou Side Area

1F storehouse side corner

■ Second floor:3 Japanease style rooms
Please make areservation for private use.

2F Japanease style Party room

Capacity of this room is 20~25 people.

StoneHouse 2F Japanease style room
Stonehouse 2F Japanease style Room
Please make a reservation for private use.
Capacity of this room is 15 people. Table and Chairs are available.

2F little room
second floor:Third Japanese-style room.
Capacity of this room is 6 people.