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" Sobaya de Ippai" is the Sobaya feast of a noodle shop

 Soba is Last unexplored cuisine.
Soba is perhaps Japan's last unexplored cuisine.
It has been slowly nurtured over the last 400 years and retains a cherished place among Japan's most popular foods.
For Lunch a bowl of fresh noodles makes a light fortifying meal.
At night,the chewy pasta,tender stuffed dumplings , and other fare of the SOBA tradetion are lingered over lovingly , a cup of SAKE in hand.
As happened with sushi more than ten years ago, soba shops -both plebeian and elegant- are popping up in major American cities.
The very best of these offer soba in all its simple finery- al dente noodles made from freshly ground flour, and perhaps a tempura appetizer to start it all off.

wellcom ,boon companion oc SAKE .

*10% tax will be added.

Appetizer "Tachi-Kama" ¥570 + tax 


in the old days , Alaska pollock's soft roe are putted at fisherman's garbage disposal
But, fisherman's family had no choice but to find ingenious ways to consume the fragments of kelp or lower class kelp personally that were regarded as unsuitable for seafood.
So,Alaska pollock's soft roe wos cranched and boiled 。
it marked by richness and fullness of flavor and plain light.
It was called " Tachi-Kama",
erve it from Autumn to mainly early Winter.

●ingredients of Yasai Tenpra Nuki :
Alaska pollock's soft roe,starch

Appetizer " Nishin Duke" ¥520 + tax 


" Nishin duke":
it's Japanese pickled Herring and vegetables

serve it from Autumn to mainly early Winter.

●ingredients of Yasai Tenpra Nuki :
Herring , cabbage , radishes , red papper , malted rice and salt.

Appetizer " Yukimi Toufu " ¥670 + tax 


  " Yukimi Toufu ":
in Japanese cuisine, bean curd boiled in thin broth, called 'yu-dofu' with grated radish.

●ingredients of Age Hitashi:
Bean-curds , grated radish , sea cabbage , scallion , soy sauce,dried bonito,dried mackerel,sugar, sweet sake and others.

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