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About our soba-noodle,
We make our soba-noodle from two different types of buckwheat flour.
The one is “Jimono-ko”, which is grown in Etanbetsu area,Rankoshi Area, Hokuryu Area,in Hokkaido. 
The other is “Nami-ko”, which is blend of Hokkaido buckwheat flour and imported buckwheat from North America .  Please choose which you would like when you order.
The price of “jimono-ko” soba is a little bit higher, but its great flavour and rich aroma are what make it so special.  “Nami-ko”soba enjoys its popularity more than 60 years since the day of our establishment.
Without shining sun in summer, fertile and rich field in Hokkaido, and love and passion of buckwheat farmers and soba chef, this soba noodle can’t be exist.ss

* 8% tax will be added.

Kake Soba Jimono Kake Soba ¥700+tax Namiko kake Soba ¥550+tax


 Kake Soba:Hot soba noodles in a broth.
 From a long time ago, we have told to our young staff that we have to take great care of the customers who order this.
 Because it is so simple, only with the broth and noodle which is the basis of the soba restaurant.

●ingredients of Soba:
buckwheat flour,wheat flour and Water
●ingredients of Soba Tsuyu:
soy sauce,dried bonito,dried mackerel,sugar,and sweet sake.

Curry Soba: Jimono Curry Soba ¥1,000+tax Namiko Curry Soba ¥850+tax


 Curry Soba: Soba with Curry soup
 Hot soba noodles in curry soup with pork and onion.
 There are many regular customers who always order this. They say that they want to try other soba, but always order this in the end.
 It will warm you up in cold winter.

●ingredients of Soba:
buckwheat flour,wheat flour and Water
●ingredients of Soba Tsuyu:
soy sauce,dried bonito,dried mackerel,sugar,sweet sake,Sake.
●the ingredients of Curry Soba:
pork , onion and curry powder.

Kaki Soba: Jimonoko Kaki Soba ¥1,700+tax Namiko Kaki Soba ¥1,550+tax


 Kaki Soba:Soba with Oyster
 Hot soba noodles with lightly fried oyster on the top.

Uniyoji Soba Jimonoko ¥1,750+tax Namiko ¥1,600+tax


 Uniyoji Soba:Soba with uni bound together with barely cooked egg
 Hot soba noodles with "uni (sea urchin)" and egg.
 Uni is said as the king of seafood and familier with sushi.
 But it is good with soba also.

Aigamo Nanban:
JImonoko Aigamo Nanban ¥1,300+tax Namiko Aigamo Nanban ¥1,150+tax


 Aigamo Nanban:Soba with duck meat
 Hot soba noodles with duck meat, leek, trefoil, and Chinese lemon.
 This is popular from the Edo era.
  If you like cold soba, the option is "aigamo seiro".

 * "Aigamo" is a crossbreed between the mallard and the domestic duck.

 Jimonoko Tenpura soba ¥1,000+tax Namiko Tenpura soba ¥850+tax


Tenpura Soba:
Hot soba noodles with a big shrimp tempura and leek.
Simple,but being popular among every generation.

Jou Tenpura Sona : 
Jimonoko Jou Tenpura Sona¥1,200+tax Namiko Jou Tenpura Sona¥1,050 +tax


Hot soba noodles with 2 big shrimp tempuras and leek.

Jimonoko Ten-toji Soba ¥1,050+tax Namiko Ten-toji Soba ¥900+tax 

tentoji soba

Tempura soba with egg.
Tempura soba coverd by egg.

Yasai Tenpura Soba:
Jimonoko Yasai Tenpura Soba ¥1,300+tax Nmiko Yasai Tenpura Soba ¥1,150+tax


 Yasai Tenpura Soba:
Hot soba noodles with vegetable tempura.
Vegetables are eggplant,small green pepper,pumpkin,leek,onion,"shiso" and mushroom.

Age Chikara Soba 
Jimonoko Agechikara Soba ¥1,050+tax Namiko Agechikara Soba ¥900+tax


 Age Chikara Soga:
Soba with fried tofu and rice cake.
Hot soba noodles with rice cake and fried Tofu.

Jimonoko Yamakake Soba ¥950+tax Namiko Yamakake Soba+tax ¥800- 


 Yamakake Soba:
Soba with grated yum.
Hot soba noodles with grated yum,quail egg,seaweed,ginger on top.

Kashiwa Soba: Jimonoko Kashiwa Soba ¥900+tax Namiko Kashiwa Soba ¥750+tax


 Kashiwa Soba:
 Soba with chicken.
Hot soba noodles with chicken and leek in tasty chiken broth.
You may think that the chicken is a little tough. This is because we use older chicken grown by organic grower in the neighbor town.
instead of young broiler chiken,so that we can take good, tasty chiken broth.

Tori nameko Soba: 
Jimonoko Tori nameko Soba ¥1,050+tax Namiko Torinameko Soba ¥900+tax


  Tori nameko Soba:
Hot soba noodles with chicken and leek in tasty chiken broth ,and small mushrooms.


Atsu nameko Soba:
Jimonoko Atsu Nameko soba ¥950+tax Namiko Atsu Nameko Soba ¥800+tax 


 Atsu nameko Soba:
Soba with small mushrooms.
Hot soba noodles with small mushrooms called nameko and grated Japanese radish.

Gomoku Soba: Jimonoko Gomoku Soba ¥1,000+tax Namiko Gomoku Soba ¥850+tax


 Gomiku Soba:
Hot soba noodles with various king of fish sausage (kamaboko),shiitake mushroom, bamboo shoots,beans,and baked wheat gluten (yaki-fu).
This is also traditional soba,called "gomoku soba","sippoku soba" or "okame soba".

Tsukimi Soba: Jimonoko Tsukimi Soba ¥900+tax Namiko Tsukimi Soba ¥750+tax


Tsukimi Soba:
Soba with row egg on top.
Hot soba noodles with seaweed,fish sausage,trefoil,and row egg on top.
This is called "Tsukimi soba" meaning " moon viewing soba ".
Seaweed as black sky,white fish sausage as cloud in the sky,trefoil as trees,and egg as the moon.

Toji Soba: Jimonoko Toji Soba ¥850+tax Namiko Toji Soba ¥700+tax


 Toji Soba:
Hot soba noodles covered by soft and mild egg with trefoil and Chinese lemon on top.  

Arare Soba: Jimonoko Arare Soba ¥1,750+tax Namiko Arare Soba ¥1,600+tax


 Arare Soba:
 Hot soba noodles with eyes of clam and seaweed.
Hot soba noodles with seaweed and the eyes of clam (named "aoyagi" ) on the top.
Because we would like you to enjoy the rich aroma of seafood,it is served with the lid.
Take the lid off gently,and take a deep breath first.

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