In the sea near Otaru in February and March, you can see a phenomenon called “Kuki”, a phenomenon in which large shoals of herring rush into shallow waters to spawn and the sea turns milky white. Otaru used to be a town that prospered with herring. In 1954, the herring disappeared from the sea of Otaru, and at that time it was called [Otaru of the declining sun]. It’s been 50 years since the herring became a phantom fish. Since 2009, suddenly a large group of herring appeared. I remember my predecessor who lived in “Otaru of the Declining Sun” shouting with joy.

We offer [Herring KUKI Soba] only in February and March.
I expressed KUKI with young cloth and tororo in a warm soba bowl. On top of that, herring is simmered for a long time so that you can’t feel the small bones, and it melts in your mouth. Enjoy the texture of eating soba and herring roe together.

Starting February 2th.

Limited time: February and March only

Nami-ko(Inported) ¥1,700 (¥1,545+税)
Jimono-ko(Hokkaido Local) ¥1,860 (¥1,690+税)