01.Buckwheat paste and miso:Sobamiso ¥270+tax

Yabuhan’s Sobamiso takeout ¥866+tax

02.Baked seaweed:Yakinori ¥320+tax

03.Itawasabi ¥570+税

04.Wasabi leaves and stalks pickled in soba dip sauce and marinated with sake lees:Sakekasuzuke ¥370+tax

05.Wasabi leaves and stalks pickled in soba dip sauce:Wasabizuke ¥470+tax

06.fried soba noodle with thick soba dip sauce:Soba Sugomori ¥820+tax

07.Thickly fried raw tofu, “Kage Tora”:Kagetora ¥520+tax

08.Thickly baked egg omelet:Atsuyaki Tamago ¥720+tax

09.Yakitori at a soba restaurant (Made with Takigawa duck meat from Hokkaido) (Broiling food together, called “Ai-yaki”):Aiyaki ¥820+tax

10.Grilled spring onion:Yaki Negi ¥520+tax

11.Buckwheat noodles Boiled soba (buckwheat) sprouts:Sobamoyashi ¥420+tax

12.Chopped white meat and chicken with Wasabi:Tori Wasa ¥520+tax

13.Sashimi ¥720+tax

14.Salted sea urchin eggs:Shio Uni ¥470+tax =Autumn,Winter,Spring=

15.Wasabi-flavored grated yam:Wasabi Imo ¥570+tax =Summer=

16.”Cold tofu” made and flavored in a town shop:Hiya Yakko ¥420+tax =Supring,Summer=

17.Tofu in soup, “Yukimi Tofu” (snow viewing):Yukimi Toufu ¥670+tax =Autumn,Winter=

18.”Tachikama”, Kamaboko made with Hokkaido cod albacore and salt:Tachi Kama ¥570+tax =winter=

19.Pickled herring:Nishin Zuke ¥520+tax =winter=

20.Aoyagi scallop with Wasabi:Hashira Wasabi ¥820+tax =Spring=

21.”Grilled mantis shrimp” from Otaru:Yaki Shako ¥850+tax

22.Mantis shrimp salad with vinegar and miso:Shakonuta ¥700+税

23.Simmered herring on a stick:Nishin Bouni ¥670+tax

24.”Deep-fried eggplant stew” with simmered vegetables:Agebitashi ¥470+税

26.Herring sashimi picked in malted rice and coarse salt:Kirikomi ¥470+税

27.Herring spawn on kelp:Komochi Konbu ¥670+tax

28.Salted squid:Ika Shiokara ¥420円+tax

29.Soba soup and tempura without noodles:Ten Nuki ¥770円+tax

30.Braised chicken in soba soup:Kashiwa Nuki ¥670円+tax

31.Braised cutlet in soba soup:Katu Nuki ¥720円+tax

32.Shrimp and vegetable fritters:Kakiage ¥870+tax

33.Assorted tempura:Tempura Moriawase ¥1,020+tax

  Assorted tempura (high class):Jou Tempura Moriawase ¥1,220+tax

34.Assorted vegetable tempura:Yasai Tepura Moriawase ¥820+tax

35.Shrimp tempura:Ebi Ten ¥430+tax

36.White Fish tempura:Shirauo Ten ¥430+tax

37.Squid tempura:Ika Ten ¥430+tax

38.Octopus tempura:Tako Ten ¥430+tax



About our soba-noodle,
We make our soba-noodle from two different types of buckwheat flour.
The one is “Jimono-ko”, which is grown in Rankoshi Area, Hokuryu Area,in Hokkaido. 
The other is “Nami-ko”, which is blend of Hokkaido buckwheat flour and imported buckwheat from North America .  Please choose which you would like when you order.
The price of “jimono-ko” soba is a little bit higher, but its great flavour and rich aroma are what make it so special.  “Nami-ko”soba enjoys its popularity more than 60 years since the day of our establishment.
Without shining sun in summer, fertile and rich field in Hokkaido, and love and passion of buckwheat farmers and soba chef, this soba noodle can’t be exist.ss

* the price is excluding 10% tax.