01.egg rice bowl:Tama donburi ¥820 +tax

02.Chicken and Egg rice bowl :Oyako donburi ¥870 +tax

03.Curry rice bowl :Curry donburi ¥870 +tax

04.Fried pork cutlet with egg on rice:Katsu donburi ¥920+tax

05.Shrimp tempura and vegitables tempura on rice bowl:Ten don¥920+tax

     Shrimp tempura and vegitables tempura on rice bowl(High class):Jou ten don¥1,220+tax



About our soba-noodle,
We make our soba-noodle from two different types of buckwheat flour.
The one is “Jimono-ko”, which is grown in Rankoshi Area, Hokuryu Area,in Hokkaido. 
The other is “Nami-ko”, which is blend of Hokkaido buckwheat flour and imported buckwheat from North America .  Please choose which you would like when you order.
The price of “jimono-ko” soba is a little bit higher, but its great flavour and rich aroma are what make it so special.  “Nami-ko”soba enjoys its popularity more than 60 years since the day of our establishment.
Without shining sun in summer, fertile and rich field in Hokkaido, and love and passion of buckwheat farmers and soba chef, this soba noodle can’t be exist.ss

* the price is excluding 10% tax.